Summer Bucket List

  1. Antelope Island
  2. Swimming
  3. Drink a Large Coke from McDonalds (I avoid Coke, but I think one will be okay.)
  4. Exercise every single day (so far, so good!! Go Me!!) 
  5. Ride my bike a lot
  6. Have a yard sale
  7. Grow Spinach
  8. Go Camping
  9. Make a craft
  10. Don't buy anything 'frivolous or extra-wanty' during the month of July. Only needs.
  11. Have lots of TV-Free days
  12. Run an official 5k (or walk/run.  No pressure here.)
  13. Take a picture a day, all summer.
  14. Read, Read, Read
  15. Find a teaching job, or REJOICE in the fact that perhaps I am not meant to have a job at the moment.
  16. Go hiking.
  17. Fish with Brent.
  18. See how long I can go without sugar.  (Starting soon, very soon ;))
  19. Attend a wedding.
  20. Be nice.
  21. Go to the beach.
  22. Go to the mountains.
  23. Play in the ocean.
  24. Buy olive oil.
  25. Learn something new.