Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worst Company Ever

We are currently in a battle with the home security/alarm company based in Utah called Pinnacle.  I have had MANY exchanges with them over the phone and have said many things to them that I am not proud of.  They are a terrible company and when I told them that they were worse then Gold's Gym, the poor guy on the phone went into reasons why they aren't as bad as Gold's Gym. 

Here's the lowdown:

We signed up for what we thought was 3 years of home security on our condo in Ghettoville where we used to live.  (It wasn't really that bad, but we felt better knowing that our condo had an alarm system).

When we moved to the country, we no longer needed Pinacle's services.  However, we were informed that we were locked into a 3.5 year contract and we would have to pay to transfer our services.  (Uh...guess it pays to read the fine print, instead of trusting the salespeople to sign you up for the right thing.)

Fine, we can do that.  We called, they approved the transfer, we were ready to move forward. 

Day 2, they call and tell us that there is no service in the country and they won't be able to transfer.

We call back, talk to a different person, and he tells us "oh yes, there is service there, we will commence with the transfer."

Sweet, sounds good.  Lets move on.

Day 3, they call us back and say "Unfortunately, we can't provide service to the country, but you will have to keep paying for the service monthly, even though we aren't providing it.  You signed the contract"

Expletives from me.  Using my favorite word non-expletive word asinine several different times. 

Month 2: Still arguing with Pinnacle about the fact that we shouldn't pay for service they can't provide, regardless of what the contract says. 

Month 2.5: Furious at Pinacle, call every day for a week, just to get more and more angry and speaking with absolutely brainless people.

Month 2.75:  After yelling, swearing, sugarcoating, convincing, begging, pointing out the stupidity of Pinacle, we are told we can buy out the rest of the contract for $800.  Hell no. 

Month 2.85:  There must be notes about me in their system, because Pedro calls me back to tell me he will offer me 2 months of free service for my troubles.  I say "Free service for Nothing? Awesome, sign me up.  I love that you are offering to give me nothing for nothing."  Then I hang up.

Month 3:  Pedro calls back asking if I have had any success in transferring the contract to someone else.  I tell him that there is no way I would recommend Pinnacle to ANY of my friends OR my enemies.  He tries to tell me of the time he couldn't quit Gold's Gym because he was moving away from their service location.  I tell him he is lying, because Gold's Gym let ME out of a contract when I was moving to Alaska where there are no gyms.  He lied to me.  Then I told him a few more times how much I hate Pinnacle security home systems. 

Month 3.1:  I call, again to plead my case, and am told "I do apologize" one too many times.  I go ballistic and ask for managers and supervisors.  I even make fun of the supervisor because 'Her hands are tied and there is nothing she can do."  I tell her "Great supervisor job you have, where you can't do anything for anyone." 

They make more notes in there system about me.  I am sure those notes are not nice.

Month 3.2- Pedro calls back to tell me I will get 4 months of free service (again...service? I am not getting anything.) so that I can try to transfer our system to someone. 

I tell them how lame it is that they are stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.  I have 237 facebook friends and I will tell all of them to avoid Pinnacle.  That is a potential of 237,000 dollars that they will never see because they want my $800.  See? Stupid Pinnacle. 

We are in month 2 of free service.  Yippee.  I can't wait to talk to my long lost friends at Pinnacle in 2 months.

I tried to get Gephardt, but he ignored me.

We will see what happens, but I am pretty sure they have a long list of notes about this irate customer.  I am not proud of what I said to them and I apologize to the poor people who work there, mostly because I was rude and their job sucks. 

Moral of the Story:  Avoid Pinnacle Security at ALL Costs.

If you know anyone in the higher ups or Pinnacle, beg them to let it go and be a little bit reasonable about this.  Puhlease?!?! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


1. I love Christmastime.  I wish it could last forever, but then I probably wouldn't love it so much because I wouldn't know any different.

2. I went to school today and realized I never put makeup on. Yikes.  I stayed all day with no makeup and nobody seemed to really notice. That is a little sad, because it takes time for me to put makeup on, and nobody even cares?  I guess I don't need the makeup.

3. I am currently very stressed about my health issues.  Let's just say that my doctor doesn't seem to know what is wrong with me, but I should probably invest in Kotex/Tampax stock since I am currently the largest buyer of them and have been since AUGUST.  Yep, 4 months of fun.  I am pretty much a superhero, because most people would die if they bled for 4 months straight. Too much information?  Well, you have NO idea how much more information I could give.  But you are welcome, because I won't say anything else about it and I haven't said anything on the webisphere for 4 whole months. 

4. Another thing, I need new clothes because I just don't like my winter wardrobe.  However, I refuse to buy any because it stresses me out.  Mostly because I don't enjoy shopping. 

5.  We have a long and narrow family room.  We have 2 couches and a big chair.  I don't know how to rearrange because there isn't room for certain angles. 

6. I have a audio-enhancement thing I use in my classroom to enhance my voice so I don't have to speak loudly.  It is awesome because if a child is misbehaving, I can quietly- almost whisper- his/her name and they sort of freak out.  So funny.

7. Relief Society social was very nice today.  I almost cried, but held it all in because I am tough like that.

8. I don't blog as much as I used to.  I don't know why.  It's not like I don't want to, I just don't prioritize my blogging time.

9. Why is facebook so hard to quit.  I think it is evil, but I also really like it.  Arghhh....blaggghh...

10. I actually make a lot of things I find of pinterest and I am pretty proud.   I have made tomato cage Christmas trees, Southwest Burritos, Cinnamon Roll Breakfast, Earring Frame Holder, Shredded Chicken, and much much more.  Thanks pinterest. 

11. The power went out last night from about 9:00 pm to 4:00 am.  I found a flashlight using my cellphone and laptop- When the power went out, Brent was working on getting his ice fishing gear all ready.  He yelled "Hey the jigs glow in the dark!" then found a headlamp and kept working. Meanwhile, I kept looking out the window making sure all the houses in the neighborhood were dark too.  Power outages fine.....bandits cutting power to your house to break in? Not so fine.  :) 

12.  I have been running on our treadmill in the morningtimes while I watch tv shows.  I really don't love netflix and sort of want to do the Amazon streaming service, but then I would have to buy a new blue ray player so I can use Amazon.  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

13.  Someone needs to purchase our condo.  It is a REALLY great deal.

14. I got into the shower yesterday morning and there was a spider on the shower curtain.  You all know my hatred of spiders and well, I screamed for Brent and yelled "It's coming after me!! Hurry!" which I really felt was true. My heart even palpitated I am sure because I was scared.  I think I have turned my irrational fear of spiders in to a panic-fear.  They are so small and stupid but so gross and nasty.  I need to buck up and deal with them.  I heard once that at any given time you are within 10 feet of a spider.  That's nice.

15. I walk a mile every day with my students and it is a lovely time.  I really look forward to our daily mile.

16.  Having only a PO Box is weird. We don't have any mail service in our town, except the PO Boxes. Some businesses won't ship to PO Boxes, so I type in our physical address and some places say that there is an error with our address.  JCPenney has done this twice now.  I don't understand.  There are some mysteries in life that I may never understand. 

I guess that is life.  I may never understand it. 

**I enjoy reading other people's random blogs.  They make me feel normal.  So thank you random bloggers and also those who write really well.  I may not comment all the time, but many of your blogs are VERY enjoyable to me. 

baba ganoush