Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving is over and I never did say what I was thankful for.  I did say "ditto" after we went around the table and Brent said what we were thankful for, but I guess that doesn't really count.  (However, given the circumstances of being over-tired, over-stimulated by holiday chaos/screaming children/hot-houses with no ventilation...."Ditto" was all I could muster.) Note to self: Never leave the house for over-nighters until Kenlee is 12 years old and can sleep through the night.  AND NEVER, EVER, EVER go on over-nighters if she is sick. 

Anywhoo, I am very thankful for:

Good Health
Nice People
Heat and Warm Clothes
A Job
Living in the Country
The amazing gift to be able to raise Kenlee

I am glad for people who love me even when I am a big pain.  It hasn't been an easy year and I have been a bit grumpy in some situations and with some people.  I am sorry if I have been grumpy to you and I will try to do better.

In OTHER news: Prepare yourself for our Christmas Display Menagerie:

 Kenlee looking as scrumptious as ever as we were chopping down a Christmas tree.  She is getting so very big.
Tracking through the snow in my flip-flopish shoes.  Duh.  Snow? In November? In the Mountains?  Bring it on.  Oh and Kenlee looking darling again.  My hair was curly cute and I love it.

 Our house with lights on it.  I suck at dark-time photography.  But it is beautiful. 
 Our neighbor's houses across the street...also beautiful.
 Our neighbor's house down the road, but I can't hold my camera still long enough to snap a photo.
 My tomato cage trees I made this year.  They are a little sad, but I am proud of them.
 The Christmas tree.  Funny thing, I can't find my decorations anywhere, so it is just a tree with lights.
Our stockings and two nativity sets and a pumpkin.  Yep, this is all a work in progress.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slacker Approved

Hello....anyone out there?  It has been so long since I have blogged.  I have no one to blame but myself, and a little tv show I may or may not be addicted to.  Except, it's not actually a tv show, because we don't have tv.  We only have netflix, because our internet is $70 a month and it is the only internet provider in the whole county that we live in.  So because of that, we don't have extra money for any schmancy fancy tv channels.  It's probably fine though, because Netflix needs our money since they are a crazy company and keep changing things on us.  We like the suprises of cost increase...keeps us guessing. 

But anyways, the show is Friday Night Lights and I know we are way behind on the times, because the show isn't even on the air anymore, but I can't stop watching.  I just have to know what is going to happen! 

We went to Grand Junction last weekend to do some shopping.  It was really fun, except Kenlee fell off the hotel room bed, and slammed her head against the only part of the bed made of metal.  Her poor noggin had a pretty big cut and a huge goose egg.  I was worried we would have to go to the E.R. but we didn't, and that was a relief.  We got lost the night before trying to find our hotel, but were led to a friendly gas station in ghetto GJ, and asked for directions.  We were luckily only about 5 miles away from the hotel. I had no idea GJ was so big. It was nice to shop at Cabelas, Sam's Club and a real mall without having to drive to Provo and through all that yucky construction. Plus we swam in the hotel pool and that was a lot of fun!

Kenlee never stops moving. Seriously, she climbs on everything, falls off everything, dances and twirls until she is dizzy, then gets up and does it again.  She has this new laugh too, that is super funny.  She knows it is funny and only does it to get us to laugh.  Crazy little girl!

I dressed up as a friendly witch for halloween.  Kenlee was a pirate princess and Brent was...a homeless guy or something.  We gave out more candy than I ever thought was possible.  We went to my first trunk or treat and gave out about 200 pieces of candy.  Then, because we live in the subdivision here, we had about 150 more trick or treaters ( I know this because I bought 400 pieces of candy, and only had about 50 left...all estimates of course, I really didn't count it all, I am not that lame.)

It snowed finally, and I was thrilled that it still only took me <5 minutes to get to work.  So awesomely cool.

I have been eating an apple a day thanks to my father in law and his gift of tons of apples.  They better keep the doctor away! 

And I love that you can now check out books for your kindle from the library.  It's the coolest thing ever and I am so happy.  I have a lot of reading to do, but like I said, I have been a bit of a slacker in all things productive. 

I did make a mini Christmas tree out of a tomato cage.  It's really cute.  It will be on our front porch so you will have to come to our town and drive by to see it.  But believe me, its really cute. 

I would put pictures, but I don't really want to.  My $70 internet is SLOOOOW and since I am watching FNL, I don't want my show to be disrupted by slow uploading and downloading.  You know...got to keep the nerdiness real. 

Have a great night.