Monday, October 10, 2011

Geez Louise...

I am not keeping up with my blog(s) very well anymore.  I would like to think it is because I am busier than I was in my previous city life, but I don't think I am.  It's possible that I just find different ways to spend my time. 

Yesterday, I pulled up half of the tomato plants.  Yes, on a Sunday.  Judge away.  So anyways, they had frozen to death and Brent was taking a nap and Kenlee loves picking tomatoes, so we let Brent sleep in peace and Kenlee and I went to attack the tomato plants.  What a pain! There were so many and billions of bugs. 

Well then, I went to the secondary water pump thing, and I turned it on to see if the city had turned the secondary water off for winter.  They hadn't and when I turned it on, I quickly realized that the pipe was cracked because the water froze inside the pipes.  Oops. 

Then, when Brent woke up, we turned it off ourselves and went to move the cover back on, when a couple of wasps came flying out at us. Then we saw a huge nest that we promptly attacked with wasp spray, which led to us finding two more nests with many more wasps!  We sprayed them all and watched as they died and fell from their homes. 

Phew...see how that 20 minutes of tomato pulling turned into hours of country fun?  That is how it goes here. 

How about the fact that we drove to Salt Lake for a baptism, and then came home the next day.  That was a long drive.  We went by the ol' condo to get our mail and found that the home had already been secured and winterized by the bank since I asked them to do it while we try to sale it.  We were locked out! What a strange feeling, especially since the realtor was on his way to meet us in the condo.  Oh well, we all moved on and signed all the papers to list the condo.  I am glad it is winterized, one less thing to worry about. 

While visiting family, we received oodles of apples, raspberries and some peaches.  I love fresh fruit like that.  So when we came home, I dehydrated all the apples.  Kenlee ate most of the raspberries.  Brent and I cut up the fresh, lovely, divine peaches and ate them with milk and nutmeg.  Oh so good. 

Oh, and my catfaced spider is still alive, even though it is freezing outside. What a weird little spider. It just hangs out by it's huge web, waiting to die in the cold.

And we got two callings at church on Sunday: ward missionaries and 12-13 year old Sunday school teachers.  Oh and I am a visiting teacher too.

My daughter is the funniest gal around.  She dances like a toy soldier, and kicks only her left leg high in the air as she moves.  She also has started tap dancing.  She loves the tub, and tries to crawl in any chance she gets.  She LOVES the movie Tangled and we have watched it so many times, that Brent and I quote it back and forth to each other.  We even sing the songs.  Brent is really good at memorizing movies, so he does most of the singing.  It is great.  Kenlee also loves going for walks and looking at the dogs.  Much to the dismay of her parents, who are not dog lovers.  Kenlee seems to really love them.  She has learned to 'baaa' at the sheep too.  Such a funny girl.

Well, I must post pictures at some point.  I am busy teaching all day, plus after school meetings, plus the biggest time suck ever---pinterest, and also trying to clean/cook/read to Kenlee/ nuture my family/fulfill church callings AND maintain my superpowers.  It's exhausting, but someones got to do it. 

Peace out girl scout.