Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country Livin'...

There are a few things I love about living in the country...

1. There are more 4-wheelers and ATV's here than cars.
2. The stars.  I can see about a zillion of them at night.
3. The wildlife.  I am watching this cool spider at night.  It's a catface spider and it's really creepy.  But its okay because it is outside, on the far end of the shed and it just hangs out.  It's not in my house, so it's okay.  But I love watching what it does.  It will die soon, and I will have a Charlotte's Web moment.  I hate spiders so much, but this one is intriguing.  I won't let Brent kill it. 
4. The racoons.  They are everywhere.  They are annoying, but cute. 
5.  Nice neighbors.  We have received cookies 4 times, rolls once and everyone stops by to say 'hi'. 
6.  There is no where to eat out.  We save a lot of money on not eating out.  We probably spend more on grocery shopping because I feel like I need to stock up on everything in case there is a disaster and we can't make it to the store.
7. That song "I wanna go where everybody knows your name...." is always stuck in my head.  Everyone knows us.
8.  The people at the bank know my name and I have only been in there once.  They say 'Hi Jodie'.  Whoa.
9. We don't have tv.  We watch Netflix because internet alone cost $70 a month.  There is only one provider for the internet.  So, we decided we would just do that and not have T.V.  I actually love it.
10. Kenlee loves picking tomatoes.  She runs out the door and screams "Matoes" at the top of her lungs.  Then she knows to get a bucket (or small plant pot) and fill it with only red tomatoes.  She is really brilliant.  Then she brings them in the house, plays with them for a while, then gives them to me to put on the counter.  What a nice girl.  (She only screams three things..."No!", "Matoes!" and "Nemo!")

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New School

Wow, what a crazy time it has been moving and starting a new school year!  I had to get the classroom and the curriculum organized in 2 weeks.  Let me say, the classroom was rough.  I went to move in, and the previous teacher still had not moved out.  I called him and asked when he was planning on moving his stuff out, which helped and he was out in a couple days.

But he left a lot of stuff/junk.  I bet a lot of it was left from many teachers before, because it was old as can be.

I love my school and my class.  Of course I do.  There are going to be challenges:  challenging parents, challenging students, challenging curriculum....BUT that is what teaching consists of.  If you don't think that's true, and you are a teacher, you are kidding yourself.

Anywho...I moved to a completely opposite school from where I have been for the last 8 years.  Here are a few differences:

Old School                                         New School
-Richy-rich kids                                   -Title One School
-Tough Parents                                     -Very nice parents so far
-Mrs. Trunchbull                                  -Mr. Honey
-19 Students                                         -20 Students
-No Aides/Helpers                               -Lots of Aides/Helpers

-More pay/More Expensive Insurance - Less pay/Less expensive insurance
- Winged Lions                                   - Rams
-Competitive Co-Workers                  - Friendly and helpful Co-Workers
-Teachers with Sailor Mouths            - Clean language teachers
-New Building                                   - Old Building
-Recess duty 4x a week                     - Recess duty 1x a week
-Normal size classroom                     - Huge Classroom
-Lots of specialties                             - Library and Computers as specialties
-Highly Scrutinized                            -Supported and Complimented
-No adopted textbooks                       -Reading and Math Textbooks
-Free School Lunch                            - Bring your own lunch
-No CRT's                                           - Holy Crap, it's been 8 years since I did core testing
- Floppy math program                       -Solid math program with results
-Bentley's in parking lot                      - Pickups and normal cars
-8:00-3:45                                           -8:00-3:30
- Done June 10th                                - Done May 26thish
-No Halloween Dress Up                   -Halloween Dress Up Parade

Well....that is a good list.  There are good things about both schools, but my new school just fits me better.  Way better.  Like, I love being around the people I work with better.  I can enjoy being a fun teacher.  I can choose how I teach the curriculum (instead of doing it the way 'it's always been done).

I am happy at my new school for sure.

And that is all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The House Tour

Finally we have internet!  I finally put some pictures up of our new house.  If you are interested go here.