Friday, July 29, 2011

Shark Week

Sometimes I don't have ideas for titles for my posts.  Especially random posts.  So I looked on the TV and in the corner, it says Shark Week Premieres Sunday. 

I thought that was a good title.  I like Shark Week. 

Anywho, not much new here.  Went to my parents' house for 4 days and it was epic.  I love having other people around to spoil and take care of Kenlee and she LOVES it too.  She cried the whole way there and the whole drive back.  She gets to watch Nemo, and has an unlimited supply of snacks, so I don't get it.  I think she thinks we are going on another long trip like California.  I turned the music up super loud so I couldn't hear her cry, and it was that song that says 'oooh baby do you know what its worth, oooh heaven is a place on earth...' you know that one.  WELL, Kenlee stopped crying and started dancing to it.  I was happy and she was happy.  (By dancing, I mean, as much dancing as you can do in a car seat.)

I am teaching Gospel Doctrine at church.  Wow.  I thought they were calling me to Gospel Principles.  But I was wrong.  I didn't realize my mistake until the drive home.  It's okay though, I don't mind it.  I use technology.  Like I told the ladies at church "My masters degree is in instructional technology, so teaching without technology is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute." I laughed and they did too.  But  I really meant it. 

I bring my laptop and projector to church, but two weeks ago, I lost my adapter that goes to my laptop, so now I am panicking because I teach on Sunday and I can't find it.  It cost 30 dollars and I could go buy one tomorrow, but that would be expensive.  Maybe I lost it at church and maybe it is in the lost and found and MAYBE I can get it back.  I hate that everything Apple is so expensive.  I mean really. 

But my lessons are cool.  I think they are.  And I guess if people don't like it, they can go to the other Sunday School classes.  Because, if you don't like my fire, then don't come around.  (Got that from a blog...don't remember which one, but I liked it.)  So, it would be helpful if you could just say a quick prayer that I find that adapter.  I don't have money or a job to afford a new one, but I guess if it comes down to it, I will have to. 

I do have a lovely husband and a beautiful daughter who helped me look for the adapter all night tonight and I made them delicious meatballs and rice for their efforts.  Although, Kenlee didn't appear to like them, so she got chicken and noodles.

My hubs is the awesomest man around.  He did Jillians 30 day shred with me today.  So did the munchkin.  I use 10 pound weights, because its all I have, and they are really heavy.  But, the hubs makes me feel really good because he is a strong fire fighter who works out really hard and he even told me the 20 minute shred video was hard, which made me feel good. 

Then I ate an otter pop.  Because I don't like Jillian.  She is annoying.  So in an act of rebellion, I ate not one otter pop, but two.  They are only 15 calories a piece, but it felt good to eat them.  Yum.

While you are praying about me finding the adapter, maybe you could sneak a prayer in about me finding a job.  It's pretty much more important than the adapter.  But I think both are important.  Working in life and working in the church. 

Now I will continue watching "Pickers" on the History Channel.  Oh wait, my hubs is watching Dual Survivor which I think is a crazy show. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Full to Empty

It's been a while since I wrote a random post.  I have been too busy.  And by busy I mean, lazy.  And by lazy, I mean hot.

It's hot outside.  It is hot inside.  Our three level townhouse is the most inefficient building on the planet.  The ac cranks for hours and hours and hours a day.  Our thermostat is set at a balmy 76 degrees and the air never reaches the top level.  That is where are bedrooms are.  So we basically sweat all night.  I even have a spray bottle by my bed to douse myself down with a cool mist when I get hot.  Someday I will own a house that is efficient.  Right now, we are just paying a lot of money to cool the outdoors. 

Because it is hot, I took Kenlee to Dairy Queen today because that is what she most desired.  (I swear was her idea, not mine.)  Wow, way bad idea.  Not only did I drive a long ways, I went on the wrong road, and ended up looping around the city trying to find the dang DQ.  Upon finding it, I was behind a suburban full of probably 100 people, because they took, I kid you not, 10 minutes at the ordering speaker.  Then another 10 minutes at the pick up window.  Not only was this irritating for me, Kenlee decided to scream the last 10 minutes and I was stuck with the suburban in front of me and a truck behind me.  There was nothing I could do but wait for my Reeses Blizzard (which by the way was not that good.)

Back a few weeks, I flew home from California so I could interview at a district (amongst probably 1000 other people who were interviewing...lame.) Anyways, flying home from Santa Barbara---to LAX---to SLC.  On a teeny plane.  With turbulence.  Awesome.  I always think about dying when I walk onto a plane.  I look around at all the people with me and think "well, this is the group" and sometimes I feel comforted by that thought.  Other times, I get really concerned about the group that I am going to crash with.  They won't help me survive on the island.  It's a weird thought.  But on my flight home, I sat by a really old lady.  She was probably in her 90's easy.  Her husband was across the aisle and neither of them spoke English.  They looked like those pictures of people from Peru, who are old and have the hats and the scarfs on...anyways,  the lady was so lovely, but she kept talking to me in Spanish, and I don't know Spanish.  I tried to express to her that I didn't know it, but she just kept going and going.  Finally, I just smiled and nodded my head.  I think we had a great conversation for sure!

I was home for a day then flew back to California.  I had to go from SLC--Denver--Santa Barbara.  Which was entirely too long of a trip.  I do like flying though.  It gave me a lot of time to read and finish an entire book.  This flight, I sat by a guy who was the most nervous person I have ever sat by.  If I accidentally touched his elbow with my elbow, he would move his arm and sigh in a "stop touching me" kind of way.  He was super fidgety too.  He didn't get a complimentary beverage either (weirdo...its free...just take it.)  I started thinking all sorts of bad things about him, like maybe he had a bomb hidden somewhere, or that he was a convict escaping to California.  I wouldn't want to be stuck with him on the island.  He would be the first to jump at cannibalism for sure.

Anywhoo...job searching sucks.  It's really hard.  It seriously is 95% of who you know.  I don't know many people in the public school system (thanks dumb independent school).  I have had 5 interviews, and well, they ended up hiring people who are locals or people who already taught in the district, quit, and wanted to come back.  Lame.  But I am becoming quite the expert at interviewing. I had an interview in Logan that was absolutely awful.  It was me and 8 people.  They didn't smile or engage in any way except for occasionally nodding their heads.  About 10 minutes into it,  I decided I didn't really want to work there anyways.  But how to bow out of an interview?  Blah.

Another interview was with another independent school (as a rule of thumb, I think teachers should steer clear of independent schools. They are usually not very nice.)  During my interview, the headmaster (yes...they are called headmasters)  answered his cell phone twice.  He didn't even apologize about it.  Just looked at his phone and answered in the middle of my sentences.  Wow.  Another quality school.  I was mad at him for wasting my time.

This last interview, was awesome.  It was a two hour interview with 5 people and I had to present for 20 minutes of it.  It seriously was great.  One of the people interviewing me told me that I was "un-flappable" because I was answering the questions so well.  Who knows.  They are interviewing two other people and then they will let me know.  I don't know if I will get it.  I have had other interviews that I think go REALLY well, and then they end up hiring someone with different credentials.  It sucks to get that phone call.  Oh well. 

 And, in other news, I think summer television stinks.  I can't wait for some good shows to come back in the fall.