Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Night

Well, St. George was a bust for Spring Break because two out of three of us are still sick.  In my hazy-hadn't slept more than 30 minutes- fury on Sunday morning, I called the hotel at 6:15 a.m. to cancel our reservations.  The gentleman canceled on his side, but I still had to call the 1-800 number to cancel for reals.  I don't even remember the conversation, but I guess I successfully canceled.

So, instead of a trip, we went to Sam's club and to Winco to buy food.  Then we came home at 1:30 in the afternoon and watched 127 hours.  It indeed was rated R. Judge is some space for you to judge...okay.  Moving on.  It was a really interesting movie.  I had to actually leave the room whilst he cut his arm off, but from the look on Brent's face and the audio, I think I made a VERY wise choice.  There were some F-bombs dropped.  But I think they were very appropriately dropped, giving the situation.  Here is what I learned:

Always tell people where you are going.
Bring more water.
Don't go into the middle of the HOT Utah desert by yourself.  Really? C'mon.  Who does that?
But the movie was good.  There were a few things I wish they would have changed/added.  But I liked it.

So then we cleaned, cooked, wrestled a naughty 9 month old who has decided that crawling up the crib and standing-screaming at the top of her lungs is FAR more fun than sleeping.  Once we put her down, we watched movie number 2.

(Side note...on our Blue Ray Player thingie, there is a service for Vudu.  We paid 3.99 a movie to watch these two flicks.  Quite lovely and much cheaper than 2 tickets to 2 movies at a movie theater.  Plus, no babysitter.  Who knew about Vudu?  It's like pay per view, but without a monthly obligation to cable or dish.  Hmmm....LOVE it.)

Life as We Know It
Very predictable, very cute, very sad, very happy.  I liked it.  I knew what was going to happen the whole time, but I still loved it.  I liked Dr. Sam mucho gusto.  I also liked Messer.  It was a good chick flick, and Brent even liked it.

Oh, and I am on level 103 of cover orange on the ipad.

Take that St. George and your cold weather.  I didn't want to come visit anyways.  I guess Spring Break 2011 is well on its way to one of the best yet.

But really, love spending time with my fam. I guess life is different when you have kids.  Not as adventuresome.  Not easy to be be spontaneous.  (Life as We Know it really helped understand this).

I wouldn't want it any other way.  Especially since Kenlee thinks I am the best thing since blueberry-pear baby food.  And she freaking loves that stuff.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am so ready for Spring Break.  We spent all of last weekend battling sicknesses and this week has been nothing but chaos. I am a little on edge and it doesn't help that other people are also on edge.

i wish that i could just jump on an airplane with my family and fly somewhere in the mountains and stay forever.  Live off the land. Brent could catch a lot of fish for food.  I could live without many of the 'comforts' i have now.

i am so exhausted that i don't even want to press the shift key to capitalize most the i's i am typing.   I don't even care about spelling.

St. patricks day is a bust.  I drew a green shamrock on my hand so i wouldn't get pinched. that was a clever touch.

i have been trying to watch what i eat and exercise more often since janurary and i have lost a total of 2 pounds.  are you kidding me.  two freaking pounds.  why even bother.

i forgot to put socks on this morning, so now my feet stink.

my hair has baby hairs growing all over it that are about an inch long and so I look kind of like a porcupine.

i need to get my eyes checked, they hurt when i read things.

my feelings got hurt a lot this week.  i am not as tough-skinned as people think i am.  I have feelings too you know.

writing progress reports stink.

maybe i could turn this into a book. sort of like that Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good, rotten day book.  that sold a lot of copies, but there was probably a moral or lesson to be learned.

this post is just to make me feel better, no lessons, no morals.

i need to go to bed. and wake up in a few days. to sleep away the blahs.

jodie's no good, horrible, terrible, rotten week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

9 Months Old

Whoa, Kenlee is 9 months old today! That is absolutely unbelievable. Time has flown by.  She is crawling all over and climbing up on everything.  She is just amazing.

School is crazy.  Around this time of year, 8-9 year olds lose it a little bit.  They bicker more, they misbehave more, and they sort of stop listening.  It makes my job a lot crazy.  Spring break in 1 week.  Hallelujah! They earned a party, so we are having a popcorn/movie party today.  Oh so exciting! We will be viewing The Jeff Corwin Experience in Africa.  Surprisingly, they are very excited to see these movies.

I had a salad today that had mint in it.  It's funny that eating the mint reminded me of our house in Richfield.  We used to play in the front ditch all the time and mint grew around the ditch.  We would catch water skeeters in the ditch.  So, my salad reminded me of water skeeters! Ha! I miss that house. I miss Richfield too.  Oh well...moving on.

Today feels like a Friday but it is only a Thursday.  That's a little bit depressing, but at least the weather is awesome.

A mom told me today, "You look great! Just beautiful" which made me feel really good.  Especially since a different parent wrote me a very bristly email today which made me very angry.  The email even made my principal swear, which I thought was funny, because she is NOT that kind of principal.  Ha!

Well, that is all. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Newest Member of Our Family

We now have 4 tents. Why 4 tents? Good question, but this one is by far our favorite.  We have been talking about getting a canvas tent for a while now, but today we bucked up and took some of our tax return to purchase this beauty. 

There are two great canvas tent companies, both located in Utah, and both awesome tents.  We have more experience with the Springbar tents, but decided to go with the Kodiak Canvas tents.  They are very similar, in fact, almost too similar, but this one is about 100 dollars cheaper. 

Comparison here

Now, if only we could get rid of this snow to test it out! Although, it should be just fine in the snow, rain, sleet, hail.  :)  


My older sister and I went down to Provo on Saturday for a sisters/mom day.  It was a lot of fun, but I was really tired, so I may have been a little cranky.  But....

My dear sister was driving and on I-15, a car went from one side of the freeway clear to the other side, right into the lane we were trying to merge into. 

A black mustang...classy.

Anyways, my sister saw the car and quickly veered back into our original lane just as the mustang zoomed past us. 

She honked and I was livid because we almost died.  Well, not really, but we could have.

So the mustang takes the exit and my sister tells me give them the "Friends Bird" (if you don't know what this is, google it or something, it's from the show 'Friends')

So I did.  Just as the man was looking at us and screaming, what I am sure are profanities, with a look of a mad man.  He kind of looked like that Gary Busey guy.  I didn't think he would be looking at us!  Oh well.

Way to give in to peer pressure, me! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Partial thoughts on 2011

I am glad that January and February are over.

I can't believe how fast they went. 

I love March.

I love Spring.

I want Spring to last forrrrr-evvvv--err  (say it like the kids on Sandlot.)

I need a vacation. 

Santa Barbara this summer? I think so.

Selling condo?  Lose money.

Renting condo?  No renters.

Living in a place that is small, affordable AND meets our need?  Yes, be happy where we are.

Back to school for another Masters?  Possibly.

Write a book to make a bazillion dollars?  Possible, but not likely.

Like most people?  Not on a daily basis.

Sam's club vs. Costco debate? Sam's Club ($20 membership compared to $50= no brainer)

Running on treadmill?  Yes.  12:45 improvement.

Brent firefighting job? Yes, yippee!

Hair color? Supposed to be blonde, but is now orange. WTC?  The c stands for crap in case you didn't know.

Iphone? No thanks.  Already too connected to technology. 

Weight in relationship to birds?  More like a condor than a hummingbird.

Observation by principal? Bring it on.

Baby sleeping? Ha, we have turned into robots, we don't even know what sleep is.

Oranges? Why is is so hard to find a good tasting orange?

Apples? What happened to red delicious? They should be called red disgusting.

Blogs? Too many people wishing their today's away. Too many crafty mc-craftersons.

Church? Active.

Employment? Nothing to write home about.

Piano Lessons? Teaching.

Doctors bills? Stupid insurance and deductibles.

Babies? So many being born! Love it.

Formula? Stinky.

Helmet? Gone.

And that is all I can say about 2011 so far.