Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worst Company Ever

We are currently in a battle with the home security/alarm company based in Utah called Pinnacle.  I have had MANY exchanges with them over the phone and have said many things to them that I am not proud of.  They are a terrible company and when I told them that they were worse then Gold's Gym, the poor guy on the phone went into reasons why they aren't as bad as Gold's Gym. 

Here's the lowdown:

We signed up for what we thought was 3 years of home security on our condo in Ghettoville where we used to live.  (It wasn't really that bad, but we felt better knowing that our condo had an alarm system).

When we moved to the country, we no longer needed Pinacle's services.  However, we were informed that we were locked into a 3.5 year contract and we would have to pay to transfer our services.  (Uh...guess it pays to read the fine print, instead of trusting the salespeople to sign you up for the right thing.)

Fine, we can do that.  We called, they approved the transfer, we were ready to move forward. 

Day 2, they call and tell us that there is no service in the country and they won't be able to transfer.

We call back, talk to a different person, and he tells us "oh yes, there is service there, we will commence with the transfer."

Sweet, sounds good.  Lets move on.

Day 3, they call us back and say "Unfortunately, we can't provide service to the country, but you will have to keep paying for the service monthly, even though we aren't providing it.  You signed the contract"

Expletives from me.  Using my favorite word non-expletive word asinine several different times. 

Month 2: Still arguing with Pinnacle about the fact that we shouldn't pay for service they can't provide, regardless of what the contract says. 

Month 2.5: Furious at Pinacle, call every day for a week, just to get more and more angry and speaking with absolutely brainless people.

Month 2.75:  After yelling, swearing, sugarcoating, convincing, begging, pointing out the stupidity of Pinacle, we are told we can buy out the rest of the contract for $800.  Hell no. 

Month 2.85:  There must be notes about me in their system, because Pedro calls me back to tell me he will offer me 2 months of free service for my troubles.  I say "Free service for Nothing? Awesome, sign me up.  I love that you are offering to give me nothing for nothing."  Then I hang up.

Month 3:  Pedro calls back asking if I have had any success in transferring the contract to someone else.  I tell him that there is no way I would recommend Pinnacle to ANY of my friends OR my enemies.  He tries to tell me of the time he couldn't quit Gold's Gym because he was moving away from their service location.  I tell him he is lying, because Gold's Gym let ME out of a contract when I was moving to Alaska where there are no gyms.  He lied to me.  Then I told him a few more times how much I hate Pinnacle security home systems. 

Month 3.1:  I call, again to plead my case, and am told "I do apologize" one too many times.  I go ballistic and ask for managers and supervisors.  I even make fun of the supervisor because 'Her hands are tied and there is nothing she can do."  I tell her "Great supervisor job you have, where you can't do anything for anyone." 

They make more notes in there system about me.  I am sure those notes are not nice.

Month 3.2- Pedro calls back to tell me I will get 4 months of free service (again...service? I am not getting anything.) so that I can try to transfer our system to someone. 

I tell them how lame it is that they are stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.  I have 237 facebook friends and I will tell all of them to avoid Pinnacle.  That is a potential of 237,000 dollars that they will never see because they want my $800.  See? Stupid Pinnacle. 

We are in month 2 of free service.  Yippee.  I can't wait to talk to my long lost friends at Pinnacle in 2 months.

I tried to get Gephardt, but he ignored me.

We will see what happens, but I am pretty sure they have a long list of notes about this irate customer.  I am not proud of what I said to them and I apologize to the poor people who work there, mostly because I was rude and their job sucks. 

Moral of the Story:  Avoid Pinnacle Security at ALL Costs.

If you know anyone in the higher ups or Pinnacle, beg them to let it go and be a little bit reasonable about this.  Puhlease?!?! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


1. I love Christmastime.  I wish it could last forever, but then I probably wouldn't love it so much because I wouldn't know any different.

2. I went to school today and realized I never put makeup on. Yikes.  I stayed all day with no makeup and nobody seemed to really notice. That is a little sad, because it takes time for me to put makeup on, and nobody even cares?  I guess I don't need the makeup.

3. I am currently very stressed about my health issues.  Let's just say that my doctor doesn't seem to know what is wrong with me, but I should probably invest in Kotex/Tampax stock since I am currently the largest buyer of them and have been since AUGUST.  Yep, 4 months of fun.  I am pretty much a superhero, because most people would die if they bled for 4 months straight. Too much information?  Well, you have NO idea how much more information I could give.  But you are welcome, because I won't say anything else about it and I haven't said anything on the webisphere for 4 whole months. 

4. Another thing, I need new clothes because I just don't like my winter wardrobe.  However, I refuse to buy any because it stresses me out.  Mostly because I don't enjoy shopping. 

5.  We have a long and narrow family room.  We have 2 couches and a big chair.  I don't know how to rearrange because there isn't room for certain angles. 

6. I have a audio-enhancement thing I use in my classroom to enhance my voice so I don't have to speak loudly.  It is awesome because if a child is misbehaving, I can quietly- almost whisper- his/her name and they sort of freak out.  So funny.

7. Relief Society social was very nice today.  I almost cried, but held it all in because I am tough like that.

8. I don't blog as much as I used to.  I don't know why.  It's not like I don't want to, I just don't prioritize my blogging time.

9. Why is facebook so hard to quit.  I think it is evil, but I also really like it.  Arghhh....blaggghh...

10. I actually make a lot of things I find of pinterest and I am pretty proud.   I have made tomato cage Christmas trees, Southwest Burritos, Cinnamon Roll Breakfast, Earring Frame Holder, Shredded Chicken, and much much more.  Thanks pinterest. 

11. The power went out last night from about 9:00 pm to 4:00 am.  I found a flashlight using my cellphone and laptop- When the power went out, Brent was working on getting his ice fishing gear all ready.  He yelled "Hey the jigs glow in the dark!" then found a headlamp and kept working. Meanwhile, I kept looking out the window making sure all the houses in the neighborhood were dark too.  Power outages fine.....bandits cutting power to your house to break in? Not so fine.  :) 

12.  I have been running on our treadmill in the morningtimes while I watch tv shows.  I really don't love netflix and sort of want to do the Amazon streaming service, but then I would have to buy a new blue ray player so I can use Amazon.  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

13.  Someone needs to purchase our condo.  It is a REALLY great deal.

14. I got into the shower yesterday morning and there was a spider on the shower curtain.  You all know my hatred of spiders and well, I screamed for Brent and yelled "It's coming after me!! Hurry!" which I really felt was true. My heart even palpitated I am sure because I was scared.  I think I have turned my irrational fear of spiders in to a panic-fear.  They are so small and stupid but so gross and nasty.  I need to buck up and deal with them.  I heard once that at any given time you are within 10 feet of a spider.  That's nice.

15. I walk a mile every day with my students and it is a lovely time.  I really look forward to our daily mile.

16.  Having only a PO Box is weird. We don't have any mail service in our town, except the PO Boxes. Some businesses won't ship to PO Boxes, so I type in our physical address and some places say that there is an error with our address.  JCPenney has done this twice now.  I don't understand.  There are some mysteries in life that I may never understand. 

I guess that is life.  I may never understand it. 

**I enjoy reading other people's random blogs.  They make me feel normal.  So thank you random bloggers and also those who write really well.  I may not comment all the time, but many of your blogs are VERY enjoyable to me. 

baba ganoush

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving is over and I never did say what I was thankful for.  I did say "ditto" after we went around the table and Brent said what we were thankful for, but I guess that doesn't really count.  (However, given the circumstances of being over-tired, over-stimulated by holiday chaos/screaming children/hot-houses with no ventilation...."Ditto" was all I could muster.) Note to self: Never leave the house for over-nighters until Kenlee is 12 years old and can sleep through the night.  AND NEVER, EVER, EVER go on over-nighters if she is sick. 

Anywhoo, I am very thankful for:

Good Health
Nice People
Heat and Warm Clothes
A Job
Living in the Country
The amazing gift to be able to raise Kenlee

I am glad for people who love me even when I am a big pain.  It hasn't been an easy year and I have been a bit grumpy in some situations and with some people.  I am sorry if I have been grumpy to you and I will try to do better.

In OTHER news: Prepare yourself for our Christmas Display Menagerie:

 Kenlee looking as scrumptious as ever as we were chopping down a Christmas tree.  She is getting so very big.
Tracking through the snow in my flip-flopish shoes.  Duh.  Snow? In November? In the Mountains?  Bring it on.  Oh and Kenlee looking darling again.  My hair was curly cute and I love it.

 Our house with lights on it.  I suck at dark-time photography.  But it is beautiful. 
 Our neighbor's houses across the street...also beautiful.
 Our neighbor's house down the road, but I can't hold my camera still long enough to snap a photo.
 My tomato cage trees I made this year.  They are a little sad, but I am proud of them.
 The Christmas tree.  Funny thing, I can't find my decorations anywhere, so it is just a tree with lights.
Our stockings and two nativity sets and a pumpkin.  Yep, this is all a work in progress.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slacker Approved

Hello....anyone out there?  It has been so long since I have blogged.  I have no one to blame but myself, and a little tv show I may or may not be addicted to.  Except, it's not actually a tv show, because we don't have tv.  We only have netflix, because our internet is $70 a month and it is the only internet provider in the whole county that we live in.  So because of that, we don't have extra money for any schmancy fancy tv channels.  It's probably fine though, because Netflix needs our money since they are a crazy company and keep changing things on us.  We like the suprises of cost increase...keeps us guessing. 

But anyways, the show is Friday Night Lights and I know we are way behind on the times, because the show isn't even on the air anymore, but I can't stop watching.  I just have to know what is going to happen! 

We went to Grand Junction last weekend to do some shopping.  It was really fun, except Kenlee fell off the hotel room bed, and slammed her head against the only part of the bed made of metal.  Her poor noggin had a pretty big cut and a huge goose egg.  I was worried we would have to go to the E.R. but we didn't, and that was a relief.  We got lost the night before trying to find our hotel, but were led to a friendly gas station in ghetto GJ, and asked for directions.  We were luckily only about 5 miles away from the hotel. I had no idea GJ was so big. It was nice to shop at Cabelas, Sam's Club and a real mall without having to drive to Provo and through all that yucky construction. Plus we swam in the hotel pool and that was a lot of fun!

Kenlee never stops moving. Seriously, she climbs on everything, falls off everything, dances and twirls until she is dizzy, then gets up and does it again.  She has this new laugh too, that is super funny.  She knows it is funny and only does it to get us to laugh.  Crazy little girl!

I dressed up as a friendly witch for halloween.  Kenlee was a pirate princess and Brent was...a homeless guy or something.  We gave out more candy than I ever thought was possible.  We went to my first trunk or treat and gave out about 200 pieces of candy.  Then, because we live in the subdivision here, we had about 150 more trick or treaters ( I know this because I bought 400 pieces of candy, and only had about 50 left...all estimates of course, I really didn't count it all, I am not that lame.)

It snowed finally, and I was thrilled that it still only took me <5 minutes to get to work.  So awesomely cool.

I have been eating an apple a day thanks to my father in law and his gift of tons of apples.  They better keep the doctor away! 

And I love that you can now check out books for your kindle from the library.  It's the coolest thing ever and I am so happy.  I have a lot of reading to do, but like I said, I have been a bit of a slacker in all things productive. 

I did make a mini Christmas tree out of a tomato cage.  It's really cute.  It will be on our front porch so you will have to come to our town and drive by to see it.  But believe me, its really cute. 

I would put pictures, but I don't really want to.  My $70 internet is SLOOOOW and since I am watching FNL, I don't want my show to be disrupted by slow uploading and downloading.  You to keep the nerdiness real. 

Have a great night.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Geez Louise...

I am not keeping up with my blog(s) very well anymore.  I would like to think it is because I am busier than I was in my previous city life, but I don't think I am.  It's possible that I just find different ways to spend my time. 

Yesterday, I pulled up half of the tomato plants.  Yes, on a Sunday.  Judge away.  So anyways, they had frozen to death and Brent was taking a nap and Kenlee loves picking tomatoes, so we let Brent sleep in peace and Kenlee and I went to attack the tomato plants.  What a pain! There were so many and billions of bugs. 

Well then, I went to the secondary water pump thing, and I turned it on to see if the city had turned the secondary water off for winter.  They hadn't and when I turned it on, I quickly realized that the pipe was cracked because the water froze inside the pipes.  Oops. 

Then, when Brent woke up, we turned it off ourselves and went to move the cover back on, when a couple of wasps came flying out at us. Then we saw a huge nest that we promptly attacked with wasp spray, which led to us finding two more nests with many more wasps!  We sprayed them all and watched as they died and fell from their homes. 

Phew...see how that 20 minutes of tomato pulling turned into hours of country fun?  That is how it goes here. 

How about the fact that we drove to Salt Lake for a baptism, and then came home the next day.  That was a long drive.  We went by the ol' condo to get our mail and found that the home had already been secured and winterized by the bank since I asked them to do it while we try to sale it.  We were locked out! What a strange feeling, especially since the realtor was on his way to meet us in the condo.  Oh well, we all moved on and signed all the papers to list the condo.  I am glad it is winterized, one less thing to worry about. 

While visiting family, we received oodles of apples, raspberries and some peaches.  I love fresh fruit like that.  So when we came home, I dehydrated all the apples.  Kenlee ate most of the raspberries.  Brent and I cut up the fresh, lovely, divine peaches and ate them with milk and nutmeg.  Oh so good. 

Oh, and my catfaced spider is still alive, even though it is freezing outside. What a weird little spider. It just hangs out by it's huge web, waiting to die in the cold.

And we got two callings at church on Sunday: ward missionaries and 12-13 year old Sunday school teachers.  Oh and I am a visiting teacher too.

My daughter is the funniest gal around.  She dances like a toy soldier, and kicks only her left leg high in the air as she moves.  She also has started tap dancing.  She loves the tub, and tries to crawl in any chance she gets.  She LOVES the movie Tangled and we have watched it so many times, that Brent and I quote it back and forth to each other.  We even sing the songs.  Brent is really good at memorizing movies, so he does most of the singing.  It is great.  Kenlee also loves going for walks and looking at the dogs.  Much to the dismay of her parents, who are not dog lovers.  Kenlee seems to really love them.  She has learned to 'baaa' at the sheep too.  Such a funny girl.

Well, I must post pictures at some point.  I am busy teaching all day, plus after school meetings, plus the biggest time suck ever---pinterest, and also trying to clean/cook/read to Kenlee/ nuture my family/fulfill church callings AND maintain my superpowers.  It's exhausting, but someones got to do it. 

Peace out girl scout.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country Livin'...

There are a few things I love about living in the country...

1. There are more 4-wheelers and ATV's here than cars.
2. The stars.  I can see about a zillion of them at night.
3. The wildlife.  I am watching this cool spider at night.  It's a catface spider and it's really creepy.  But its okay because it is outside, on the far end of the shed and it just hangs out.  It's not in my house, so it's okay.  But I love watching what it does.  It will die soon, and I will have a Charlotte's Web moment.  I hate spiders so much, but this one is intriguing.  I won't let Brent kill it. 
4. The racoons.  They are everywhere.  They are annoying, but cute. 
5.  Nice neighbors.  We have received cookies 4 times, rolls once and everyone stops by to say 'hi'. 
6.  There is no where to eat out.  We save a lot of money on not eating out.  We probably spend more on grocery shopping because I feel like I need to stock up on everything in case there is a disaster and we can't make it to the store.
7. That song "I wanna go where everybody knows your name...." is always stuck in my head.  Everyone knows us.
8.  The people at the bank know my name and I have only been in there once.  They say 'Hi Jodie'.  Whoa.
9. We don't have tv.  We watch Netflix because internet alone cost $70 a month.  There is only one provider for the internet.  So, we decided we would just do that and not have T.V.  I actually love it.
10. Kenlee loves picking tomatoes.  She runs out the door and screams "Matoes" at the top of her lungs.  Then she knows to get a bucket (or small plant pot) and fill it with only red tomatoes.  She is really brilliant.  Then she brings them in the house, plays with them for a while, then gives them to me to put on the counter.  What a nice girl.  (She only screams three things..."No!", "Matoes!" and "Nemo!")

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New School

Wow, what a crazy time it has been moving and starting a new school year!  I had to get the classroom and the curriculum organized in 2 weeks.  Let me say, the classroom was rough.  I went to move in, and the previous teacher still had not moved out.  I called him and asked when he was planning on moving his stuff out, which helped and he was out in a couple days.

But he left a lot of stuff/junk.  I bet a lot of it was left from many teachers before, because it was old as can be.

I love my school and my class.  Of course I do.  There are going to be challenges:  challenging parents, challenging students, challenging curriculum....BUT that is what teaching consists of.  If you don't think that's true, and you are a teacher, you are kidding yourself.

Anywho...I moved to a completely opposite school from where I have been for the last 8 years.  Here are a few differences:

Old School                                         New School
-Richy-rich kids                                   -Title One School
-Tough Parents                                     -Very nice parents so far
-Mrs. Trunchbull                                  -Mr. Honey
-19 Students                                         -20 Students
-No Aides/Helpers                               -Lots of Aides/Helpers

-More pay/More Expensive Insurance - Less pay/Less expensive insurance
- Winged Lions                                   - Rams
-Competitive Co-Workers                  - Friendly and helpful Co-Workers
-Teachers with Sailor Mouths            - Clean language teachers
-New Building                                   - Old Building
-Recess duty 4x a week                     - Recess duty 1x a week
-Normal size classroom                     - Huge Classroom
-Lots of specialties                             - Library and Computers as specialties
-Highly Scrutinized                            -Supported and Complimented
-No adopted textbooks                       -Reading and Math Textbooks
-Free School Lunch                            - Bring your own lunch
-No CRT's                                           - Holy Crap, it's been 8 years since I did core testing
- Floppy math program                       -Solid math program with results
-Bentley's in parking lot                      - Pickups and normal cars
-8:00-3:45                                           -8:00-3:30
- Done June 10th                                - Done May 26thish
-No Halloween Dress Up                   -Halloween Dress Up Parade

Well....that is a good list.  There are good things about both schools, but my new school just fits me better.  Way better.  Like, I love being around the people I work with better.  I can enjoy being a fun teacher.  I can choose how I teach the curriculum (instead of doing it the way 'it's always been done).

I am happy at my new school for sure.

And that is all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The House Tour

Finally we have internet!  I finally put some pictures up of our new house.  If you are interested go here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shark Week

Sometimes I don't have ideas for titles for my posts.  Especially random posts.  So I looked on the TV and in the corner, it says Shark Week Premieres Sunday. 

I thought that was a good title.  I like Shark Week. 

Anywho, not much new here.  Went to my parents' house for 4 days and it was epic.  I love having other people around to spoil and take care of Kenlee and she LOVES it too.  She cried the whole way there and the whole drive back.  She gets to watch Nemo, and has an unlimited supply of snacks, so I don't get it.  I think she thinks we are going on another long trip like California.  I turned the music up super loud so I couldn't hear her cry, and it was that song that says 'oooh baby do you know what its worth, oooh heaven is a place on earth...' you know that one.  WELL, Kenlee stopped crying and started dancing to it.  I was happy and she was happy.  (By dancing, I mean, as much dancing as you can do in a car seat.)

I am teaching Gospel Doctrine at church.  Wow.  I thought they were calling me to Gospel Principles.  But I was wrong.  I didn't realize my mistake until the drive home.  It's okay though, I don't mind it.  I use technology.  Like I told the ladies at church "My masters degree is in instructional technology, so teaching without technology is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute." I laughed and they did too.  But  I really meant it. 

I bring my laptop and projector to church, but two weeks ago, I lost my adapter that goes to my laptop, so now I am panicking because I teach on Sunday and I can't find it.  It cost 30 dollars and I could go buy one tomorrow, but that would be expensive.  Maybe I lost it at church and maybe it is in the lost and found and MAYBE I can get it back.  I hate that everything Apple is so expensive.  I mean really. 

But my lessons are cool.  I think they are.  And I guess if people don't like it, they can go to the other Sunday School classes.  Because, if you don't like my fire, then don't come around.  (Got that from a blog...don't remember which one, but I liked it.)  So, it would be helpful if you could just say a quick prayer that I find that adapter.  I don't have money or a job to afford a new one, but I guess if it comes down to it, I will have to. 

I do have a lovely husband and a beautiful daughter who helped me look for the adapter all night tonight and I made them delicious meatballs and rice for their efforts.  Although, Kenlee didn't appear to like them, so she got chicken and noodles.

My hubs is the awesomest man around.  He did Jillians 30 day shred with me today.  So did the munchkin.  I use 10 pound weights, because its all I have, and they are really heavy.  But, the hubs makes me feel really good because he is a strong fire fighter who works out really hard and he even told me the 20 minute shred video was hard, which made me feel good. 

Then I ate an otter pop.  Because I don't like Jillian.  She is annoying.  So in an act of rebellion, I ate not one otter pop, but two.  They are only 15 calories a piece, but it felt good to eat them.  Yum.

While you are praying about me finding the adapter, maybe you could sneak a prayer in about me finding a job.  It's pretty much more important than the adapter.  But I think both are important.  Working in life and working in the church. 

Now I will continue watching "Pickers" on the History Channel.  Oh wait, my hubs is watching Dual Survivor which I think is a crazy show. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Full to Empty

It's been a while since I wrote a random post.  I have been too busy.  And by busy I mean, lazy.  And by lazy, I mean hot.

It's hot outside.  It is hot inside.  Our three level townhouse is the most inefficient building on the planet.  The ac cranks for hours and hours and hours a day.  Our thermostat is set at a balmy 76 degrees and the air never reaches the top level.  That is where are bedrooms are.  So we basically sweat all night.  I even have a spray bottle by my bed to douse myself down with a cool mist when I get hot.  Someday I will own a house that is efficient.  Right now, we are just paying a lot of money to cool the outdoors. 

Because it is hot, I took Kenlee to Dairy Queen today because that is what she most desired.  (I swear was her idea, not mine.)  Wow, way bad idea.  Not only did I drive a long ways, I went on the wrong road, and ended up looping around the city trying to find the dang DQ.  Upon finding it, I was behind a suburban full of probably 100 people, because they took, I kid you not, 10 minutes at the ordering speaker.  Then another 10 minutes at the pick up window.  Not only was this irritating for me, Kenlee decided to scream the last 10 minutes and I was stuck with the suburban in front of me and a truck behind me.  There was nothing I could do but wait for my Reeses Blizzard (which by the way was not that good.)

Back a few weeks, I flew home from California so I could interview at a district (amongst probably 1000 other people who were interviewing...lame.) Anyways, flying home from Santa Barbara---to LAX---to SLC.  On a teeny plane.  With turbulence.  Awesome.  I always think about dying when I walk onto a plane.  I look around at all the people with me and think "well, this is the group" and sometimes I feel comforted by that thought.  Other times, I get really concerned about the group that I am going to crash with.  They won't help me survive on the island.  It's a weird thought.  But on my flight home, I sat by a really old lady.  She was probably in her 90's easy.  Her husband was across the aisle and neither of them spoke English.  They looked like those pictures of people from Peru, who are old and have the hats and the scarfs on...anyways,  the lady was so lovely, but she kept talking to me in Spanish, and I don't know Spanish.  I tried to express to her that I didn't know it, but she just kept going and going.  Finally, I just smiled and nodded my head.  I think we had a great conversation for sure!

I was home for a day then flew back to California.  I had to go from SLC--Denver--Santa Barbara.  Which was entirely too long of a trip.  I do like flying though.  It gave me a lot of time to read and finish an entire book.  This flight, I sat by a guy who was the most nervous person I have ever sat by.  If I accidentally touched his elbow with my elbow, he would move his arm and sigh in a "stop touching me" kind of way.  He was super fidgety too.  He didn't get a complimentary beverage either (weirdo...its free...just take it.)  I started thinking all sorts of bad things about him, like maybe he had a bomb hidden somewhere, or that he was a convict escaping to California.  I wouldn't want to be stuck with him on the island.  He would be the first to jump at cannibalism for sure.

Anywhoo...job searching sucks.  It's really hard.  It seriously is 95% of who you know.  I don't know many people in the public school system (thanks dumb independent school).  I have had 5 interviews, and well, they ended up hiring people who are locals or people who already taught in the district, quit, and wanted to come back.  Lame.  But I am becoming quite the expert at interviewing. I had an interview in Logan that was absolutely awful.  It was me and 8 people.  They didn't smile or engage in any way except for occasionally nodding their heads.  About 10 minutes into it,  I decided I didn't really want to work there anyways.  But how to bow out of an interview?  Blah.

Another interview was with another independent school (as a rule of thumb, I think teachers should steer clear of independent schools. They are usually not very nice.)  During my interview, the headmaster (yes...they are called headmasters)  answered his cell phone twice.  He didn't even apologize about it.  Just looked at his phone and answered in the middle of my sentences.  Wow.  Another quality school.  I was mad at him for wasting my time.

This last interview, was awesome.  It was a two hour interview with 5 people and I had to present for 20 minutes of it.  It seriously was great.  One of the people interviewing me told me that I was "un-flappable" because I was answering the questions so well.  Who knows.  They are interviewing two other people and then they will let me know.  I don't know if I will get it.  I have had other interviews that I think go REALLY well, and then they end up hiring someone with different credentials.  It sucks to get that phone call.  Oh well. 

 And, in other news, I think summer television stinks.  I can't wait for some good shows to come back in the fall. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bucket List and etc. Totally Randomness

Summer Bucket List
My sister has one of these lists for her kids.  I have a small one hanging on my bathroom mirror for things I am hoping to do this summer.  Of course, with Brent fighting fires, some of these might not happen.  But...maybe they will! (Some weren't on my original list, but I put them on here because I have already done them and I want them to count.)
  1. Antelope Island
  2. Swimming
  3. Drink a Large Coke from McDonalds (I avoid Coke, but I think one will be okay.)
  4. Exercise every single day (so far, so good!! Go Me!!) 
  5. Ride my bike a lot
  6. Have a yard sale
  7. Grow Spinach
  8. Go Camping
  9. Make a craft
  10. Don't buy anything 'frivolous or extra-wanty' during the month of July. Only needs.
  11. Have lots of TV-Free days
  12. Run an official 5k (or walk/run.  No pressure here.)
  13. Take a picture a day, all summer.
  14. Read, Read, Read
  15. Find a teaching job, or REJOICE in the fact that perhaps I am not meant to have a job at the moment.
  16. Go hiking.
  17. Fish with Brent.
  18. See how long I can go without sugar.  (Starting soon, very soon ;))
  19. Attend a wedding.
  20. Be nice.
  21. Go to the beach.
  22. Go to the mountains.
  23. Play in the ocean.
  24. Buy olive oil.
  25. Learn something new.

Also, there is a store that I am very disappointed with.  They sell Mac/Apple products and twice now, they have severely disappointed me.  I am only going to the true Apple Store from now on.
Two weeks of relaxation? Yes. Please.

Trader Joes shopping soon! Yippeeeeee!

I am kind of over  job interviews- well, not really the interviews- I am just way over the rejection calls. 

I have a new calling as Gospel Doctrine Teacher.  Yikes.  I thought I was saying yes to Gospel Principles...but on the way home, I realized I said yes to the really hard class to teach.

My baby toe toenail is almost non-existent.  It's so teensy.  Sometimes it embarrasses me when I get pedicures because I wonder what the pedicurest thinks about my teeny, tiny, toenail.

It's hard having a husband gone working.  I could never be a military wife.  I just wouldn't last. 

The sprinkler under our patio (why it is under cement is a mystery to me) was broken and has been flooding our basement for a week or so now.  They fixed it today, but it leaves me wondering what damage was done and if our house might fall over now that the dirt is washed away from underneath it. 

I miss teaching already.  If I don't get a teaching job for the fall, I will seriously be in some sort of crazy place.  I have started new schoolyears for 10 years now.  I don't really know what I would do with myself.  My interviews go SOOOOO well, but they always "find someone else who fit what they were looking for more" then they say something like 'but you were awesome'.  I think it is because I cost more money.  10 years and a masters degree is actually not beneficial these days.  School shmool.  Stay at home, watch tv, invent something or write a book.  Seriously.  It just doesn't pay to go to school anymore. Write a blog.  Those people make a lot of money.  OR, maybe just sell something dumb like feathers in your hair, or snuggies, or pedieggs.  Even better, just put a ball through a net.  Those guys make bank for just putting a stupid ball through a net.  Really?  Ugh.  This is the hard part---it's not like I am looking for a 6 figure salary.  A TEACHER for crying out loud.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a teaching job.  Anyways...sorry, totally got on a tangent there.

Tomorrow I get to start my 12 hour drive to California with a 1 year old.  This will certainly be an adventure.

Alaska is calling my name.  I think a trip is in order very soon.  Oh wait...I don't have money for that.  Maybe Brent's firefighting money will pay for it.  That would be awesome.

How many diapers would you pack for two weeks?  I have a bundle.  A huge bundle.  California is expensive, so I am just saving money by packing them.

Well. If you read this, thank you.  If not...that's okay too.  I just really like teaching and I am really good at it.  My students love me.  Parents love me.  It just doesn't make any sense.  Oh least I get to spend a lot of time with my baby girl!  It's pretty dang awesome being a stay at home mom for the summer.  Wahooo!!!

So Big!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Holy Shmoly

I wish I were sailing around the world.  That would explain why I feel so "checked out" these days and haven't really done much in the blogging world.  Just been busy:


Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday

This made me happy today:

An ordinary life is still extraordinary
You don’t have to scale the highest mountain peaks. Or have the most college degrees. Or the largest bank account. Or live in a house that graces the cover of a magazine. You don’t have to do any of those things unless they make you happy. Don’t let other people convince you otherwise. Your life is amazing simply because it is yours. And you are worthy of all the happiness life brings you.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Name Them One By One

Blessings that is.  I could be a crabby-McCrabberpants because of the rain, lack of job, rain, non-sleeping baby, rain, and mean people.  But I thought I would do as the hymn says and count my blessings instead.  How very thoughtful of me, right?  You are welcome.

1. I have a cute baby who is hilarious and pulls the funniest faces.
2. I have plenty of food, and fat-food storage on my body, so I won't starve any time soon.
3. My husband is very cool.  I love him.
4. My tomato plant is still alive.
5. I got a new bike trailer for mother's day to pull the babes behind me as I bike. It is pretty cool.
6. I have a phaleonopsis orchid on my desk at school which makes me very happy.
7. Kids keep coming up to hug me and ask me to stay and not leave next year, so that makes me happy.
8. We are all, at the moment, fairly healthy. (Knock on Wood).
9. It's nice to sleep at night with the cold weather.
10. My shoes still fit me, even if much of my other wardrobe does not.
11. My hair grew back from falling out whilst I was pregnant.  (Side has only grown so long, so in the mornings, with my curly hair, it looks like I have two horns sticking out from the side of my head.  Very funny.)
12. A student who left school early for the year, gave me his colored pencil set.  50 colored pencils that were never used.  That was nice of him.
13. Our hard drive died, but I backed up most videos and pictures of Kenlee before it happened.  Back it up people!!  We lost some videos, which makes me sad, but we saved most of it!
14. Church is always a blessing.  Especially when our stake president speaks.  He is my age and brilliant. It gives me something to aspire to.
15. Chocolate makes me happy.

Well, there you have it.  I am sure there are many more blessings, but to be honest, typing them became a little to boring for me.  I hope you count your blessings today, or at least have the hymn stuck in your head a little while. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Old Home Town

I applied to teach in my old-home-town.  Who knows, because teachers NEVER leave that place.  Why would they since it is truly "God's Country".  Cross your fingers that they at least call me for an interview!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I am losing my mind.

Fact: I am losing my mind.

Fact: I lost my credit  card somewhere between my house and spending 73 dollars on gasoline at the gas us Obama! I can't pay that much anymore at the gas pump!

Fact: My computer hard drive died and I am upset about it, but don't want to shell out 200 dollars for them to maybe recover the data.

Fact: I giggle for no reason, or more like 'laugh until I cry' for no reason.

Fact: I lose everything.

Fact: Applying for jobs in this current state of mind is bad for my chances.  I am already planning on unemployment and frugality, since I will most likely fail an interview because of my crazy state of mind.

Fact: I can't stop laughing while I am working at my current work pit of despair.  I am SOOOOO excited to get out of there! I just laugh to get by when mostly I just want to punch people in the noses.

Fact:  I can't stand some t.v. shows on the travel channel.  I am looking at you Anthony Bourdein. (I don't know how to spell sue me.)

Fact: Don't really sue me.  I want to go to law school.  Am I too old? Too crazy? Too nutso?  Medical school is out, I hate blood.

Fact: Kenlee doesn't sleep anymore.  Ever.

Fact: I blame Brent because he was gone for 4 days and I was a terrible single momma for those days.  Epic fail.  See above if you don't believe me.

Fact: Camping this weekend?  I think so.

Fact: Cross your fingers that I get a job somewhere awesome.  As of today, I have only received rejection letters.  That sucks. Nothing like being kicked while you are down. Kicked to the curb and kicked to the ground.

Fact: My family is still awesome rockin cool.  Even if I lose my mind.  They will still love me when my hard drive crashes in the old noggin...

The end.

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Tulips

Dear Neighborhood Kids,
It was very mean and evil of you to snip the tops off of ALL my HUGE tulips.  I am very angry and I know who you are.  They were so yellow, red and beautiful one day and the next day, GONE.  I have your number kiddos....just you wait. 
Your Not-So-Friendly Neighbor  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

31 Flavors of Ice Cream

Yup, I am the big 31 today.  Here are just a few highlights of this day:

Student: My mom doesn't think you are really 21 years old.
Me: I'm not 21, I am 31.
Student: Oh, I think you look 21. 
Me:  YES!!


Students: Flowers, flowers, 3 candles, homemade soap, 3 packets of gum (my favorite), a lego built school with me inside, a vegan choco-dile,  and Hatch Family Chocolates.  Oh, and lots of handmade birthday cards. 

Husband: Zumba DVD set, Clothes, two curling irons, dinner at Tkoto, which was super yummy, and a new 1 terabyte hard drive for my photos.  Yippee!

Mom and Dad: Clothing

Lots of phone calls, texts and facebook messages. 

And now, a list of 31 things I did this last year: 

1. Had a baby.
2. Taught the best class ever.
3. Lost my job.
4. Successfully maintained ZERO callings at church.  (well...I am a visiting teacher.)
5. Started a teaching blog. ($80 worth of products sold. Not bad...not bad.)
6. Started a cooking blog with my sisters.
7. Lost and gained the same 6 pounds over and over and over again.
8. Climbed to the delicate arch.
9. Learned to like grapefruit.
10. Bought a treadmill.
11. Caught over 10 fish on a fly rod.
12. Planted spinach.
13. Applied to over 26 places for a job. Yikes.
14. Started snoring.
15. Started taking a sleeping pill.
16. Learned to make light, fluffy, cinnamon rolls.
17. Received many kisses and snuggles from the cutest baby in the world.
18. My two year old nephew bit my arm for the first time.
19. Started teaching piano lessons.
20. Spoke in church.
21. Got hissed at by a goose protecting his/her goslings.
22. Talked to Andre K. and D. Will (Jazz type players) several different times.
23. Ate at Marley's with mom and sisters.
24. Saw the Carl Bloch art exhibit.
25. Watched all of Veronica Mars on netflix.
26. Tried the HCG diet three times, but never made it past lunch.  HA!! Take that HCG.
27. Hurt my knee doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred.
28. Learned that Teaching is my Superpower...what is yours? ;)
29. Learned about all things baby, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
30. Made my blog semi-private.
31. Phew...made a not-so-entertaining list of 31 things I did this year.  You still reading?  That was a stretch!

Happy 31 Jodie.  You are a rocking momma, teacher, and lady. 

I am so blessed and happy.  Even though I am potentially going to be unemployed and broke for a while, I still have my awesome hubby, my beautiful daughter, my family and friends and the gospel.  Life couldn't be any better!! 

Muwah.  Happy Birthday Day to you!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

For the Birds

Job hunting is for the birds.

I have sent my resume, application, cover letters and much more to over 21 places.  TWENTY ONE.  This is the crummiest of all crummies. 

One district I applied to, is already doing interviews, but must have forgotten to call me, because I never heard from them. 

Another district, doesn't hire 'seasoned' teachers because they cost too much.  That is sad.

Another district told me that they 'aren't interested at this time'.  Maybe later??

And one more said, "All positions have been filled".


The worst part of all of this, is that the school I am currently employed at, is a nightmare to go to these days.  Some people completely ignore me, which makes me feel like the weird kid in school.
Others are overly fake/friendly/concerned  whatever you want to call it.  But in the back of their heads they are thinking 'Thank heavens it was you and not me.  I still have my paycheck and job...but oh so sad for you'. Which sort of makes me feel like someone has died in my family.  That would be 100x worse than losing a job.

Good thing that I try not to define myself too much by my job.  On the bright side, I have been miserable at my school for the past 2-3 years.  I am very excited to get out of that toxic environment BUT I do love the students.  I do love the lovely parents who are very kind.  I will miss the place I called home for 8 years.

But like I said, it's all for the birds.  That particular idiom (ha, look at me being all teacher-esque) has several meanings.  I say it to mean that job searching is an unproductive.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sorry, I have been a blog slacker on this blog.  I have been busy with my teaching blog, and have, to date  made almost $11 on TPT.  Ha!  But really, since I make and use the stuff in my classroom anyways, it's pretty cool. 

In other news, I have applied for about a million jobs.  Some teaching, some instructional design, some university jobs and some online jobs.  I HATE looking for jobs.  I haven't done it in so many years and I really hate it. 

Going to work has been absolutely terrible.  It is really hard to work some where that doesn't provide feedback and isn't a positive work environment.  Some people completely avoid me, while others are too involved in what is going on.  But,  I LOVE my class, and that is why I am going to be a good teacher until June 10th.  Not because of the administration, not because of other teachers, but because of the kids.  I could be negative and believe me, I am definitely a bit angry, but I found a blog where a teacher wrote:  "You've got to put things like that in the past and focus your energy on the people/things that are willing to give you that energy back.  It's not worth dwelling on the negative when there is so much positive!"

So, that is what I am trying to do.  Like the $11 dollars I have made on things I created.  My beautiful, darling, funny, sweet daughter who loves me regardless of my job.  My husband who is the coolest, sweetest, most supportive guy in the universe (sorry you didn't find him first...because you REALLY missed out.)

And honestly, I am super excited to move on and find a school that appreciates what a good teacher I am.  :)

Oh and I went on a walk today which was fantastic in this lovely weather.

And, I am getting a great birthday present tomorrow (a bit early) but Yippee!

Also, I ate a Klondike bar tonight and it was yummy.  I had no idea they were so great.

Plus, I get to go to Santa Barbara for 2 weeks, isn't that awesome!?!?! 

Oh yeah, and my husband made delicious carne asada tacos tonight.  Talk about super impressive.

And I am pretty sure I lost a pound this week.  Hahahahah! One pound...classic.

So that is that.  Kenlee has 6 teeth.  What the heck? When did that happen? Because I don't remember the last two coming in. 

And her hair is really long.

And she says momma and dadda.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brainy Bugs

I have been super busy lately.  Today, I have only been home for about 2 hours and that is how the last couple weeks have been for me. 

I get it. We ALL have the same amount of time in a day.  24 hours.  I'm not really complaining, it's just that time goes by TOO fast and I just don't have enough of it! I used to hear people say this and I was always like "Prioritize, and you can find time." 

Prioritizing has made it so I haven't blogged on this blog for over a week.  That is a long time in my world. 

I have been trying to get my teaching blog going.  It is not an easy task, because I have SOOOOOO much stuff that I have made to help me teach, BUT a lot of it would be an infringement on copyright laws if I took credit for them or sold them.

I have been super busy buying commercial licenses for graphics and fonts as well as researching licenses and terms of use. 

Blah blah blah....

So here is my teaching blog:

Brent didn't like the name at first, but I really like it because it's about smart bugs.  I love smart bugs.  Actually, I don't really know any smart bugs, but well, it doesn't really matter.  Sometimes I call the kids in my class bugs, so it kind of relates. 

Right now, the blog links you to original, Jodie made, units (which take a LONG time) to create.  Eventually, I will have some free things on there, but just not yet. 

In other news, Kenlee has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently.  This is a first in 10 months of knowing her and I am so proud of our sleeping baby.  Good job Kenleebear!

In other other news, I have lots of pictures for the cooking blog, but again, lack of time equals lack of blogging.

Oh, and my progress reports are done, so that is good.

And also, conference was great, but I admit I slept through a lot of it.  Can't help it.  Those voices are oh so soothing. do you working full time moms do it?  I seriously feel like I have zero time on my hands.  Work, cook dinner, get baby down for sleep, go to bed, repeat.  That is my day.  I love it, but it is getting a little out of hand. 

Oh, and Kenlee met the easter bunny and she was totally amazed at the big bunny.  I will put a picture on once I scan it. 

Have a good night. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Night

Well, St. George was a bust for Spring Break because two out of three of us are still sick.  In my hazy-hadn't slept more than 30 minutes- fury on Sunday morning, I called the hotel at 6:15 a.m. to cancel our reservations.  The gentleman canceled on his side, but I still had to call the 1-800 number to cancel for reals.  I don't even remember the conversation, but I guess I successfully canceled.

So, instead of a trip, we went to Sam's club and to Winco to buy food.  Then we came home at 1:30 in the afternoon and watched 127 hours.  It indeed was rated R. Judge is some space for you to judge...okay.  Moving on.  It was a really interesting movie.  I had to actually leave the room whilst he cut his arm off, but from the look on Brent's face and the audio, I think I made a VERY wise choice.  There were some F-bombs dropped.  But I think they were very appropriately dropped, giving the situation.  Here is what I learned:

Always tell people where you are going.
Bring more water.
Don't go into the middle of the HOT Utah desert by yourself.  Really? C'mon.  Who does that?
But the movie was good.  There were a few things I wish they would have changed/added.  But I liked it.

So then we cleaned, cooked, wrestled a naughty 9 month old who has decided that crawling up the crib and standing-screaming at the top of her lungs is FAR more fun than sleeping.  Once we put her down, we watched movie number 2.

(Side note...on our Blue Ray Player thingie, there is a service for Vudu.  We paid 3.99 a movie to watch these two flicks.  Quite lovely and much cheaper than 2 tickets to 2 movies at a movie theater.  Plus, no babysitter.  Who knew about Vudu?  It's like pay per view, but without a monthly obligation to cable or dish.  Hmmm....LOVE it.)

Life as We Know It
Very predictable, very cute, very sad, very happy.  I liked it.  I knew what was going to happen the whole time, but I still loved it.  I liked Dr. Sam mucho gusto.  I also liked Messer.  It was a good chick flick, and Brent even liked it.

Oh, and I am on level 103 of cover orange on the ipad.

Take that St. George and your cold weather.  I didn't want to come visit anyways.  I guess Spring Break 2011 is well on its way to one of the best yet.

But really, love spending time with my fam. I guess life is different when you have kids.  Not as adventuresome.  Not easy to be be spontaneous.  (Life as We Know it really helped understand this).

I wouldn't want it any other way.  Especially since Kenlee thinks I am the best thing since blueberry-pear baby food.  And she freaking loves that stuff.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am so ready for Spring Break.  We spent all of last weekend battling sicknesses and this week has been nothing but chaos. I am a little on edge and it doesn't help that other people are also on edge.

i wish that i could just jump on an airplane with my family and fly somewhere in the mountains and stay forever.  Live off the land. Brent could catch a lot of fish for food.  I could live without many of the 'comforts' i have now.

i am so exhausted that i don't even want to press the shift key to capitalize most the i's i am typing.   I don't even care about spelling.

St. patricks day is a bust.  I drew a green shamrock on my hand so i wouldn't get pinched. that was a clever touch.

i have been trying to watch what i eat and exercise more often since janurary and i have lost a total of 2 pounds.  are you kidding me.  two freaking pounds.  why even bother.

i forgot to put socks on this morning, so now my feet stink.

my hair has baby hairs growing all over it that are about an inch long and so I look kind of like a porcupine.

i need to get my eyes checked, they hurt when i read things.

my feelings got hurt a lot this week.  i am not as tough-skinned as people think i am.  I have feelings too you know.

writing progress reports stink.

maybe i could turn this into a book. sort of like that Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good, rotten day book.  that sold a lot of copies, but there was probably a moral or lesson to be learned.

this post is just to make me feel better, no lessons, no morals.

i need to go to bed. and wake up in a few days. to sleep away the blahs.

jodie's no good, horrible, terrible, rotten week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

9 Months Old

Whoa, Kenlee is 9 months old today! That is absolutely unbelievable. Time has flown by.  She is crawling all over and climbing up on everything.  She is just amazing.

School is crazy.  Around this time of year, 8-9 year olds lose it a little bit.  They bicker more, they misbehave more, and they sort of stop listening.  It makes my job a lot crazy.  Spring break in 1 week.  Hallelujah! They earned a party, so we are having a popcorn/movie party today.  Oh so exciting! We will be viewing The Jeff Corwin Experience in Africa.  Surprisingly, they are very excited to see these movies.

I had a salad today that had mint in it.  It's funny that eating the mint reminded me of our house in Richfield.  We used to play in the front ditch all the time and mint grew around the ditch.  We would catch water skeeters in the ditch.  So, my salad reminded me of water skeeters! Ha! I miss that house. I miss Richfield too.  Oh well...moving on.

Today feels like a Friday but it is only a Thursday.  That's a little bit depressing, but at least the weather is awesome.

A mom told me today, "You look great! Just beautiful" which made me feel really good.  Especially since a different parent wrote me a very bristly email today which made me very angry.  The email even made my principal swear, which I thought was funny, because she is NOT that kind of principal.  Ha!

Well, that is all. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Newest Member of Our Family

We now have 4 tents. Why 4 tents? Good question, but this one is by far our favorite.  We have been talking about getting a canvas tent for a while now, but today we bucked up and took some of our tax return to purchase this beauty. 

There are two great canvas tent companies, both located in Utah, and both awesome tents.  We have more experience with the Springbar tents, but decided to go with the Kodiak Canvas tents.  They are very similar, in fact, almost too similar, but this one is about 100 dollars cheaper. 

Comparison here

Now, if only we could get rid of this snow to test it out! Although, it should be just fine in the snow, rain, sleet, hail.  :)  


My older sister and I went down to Provo on Saturday for a sisters/mom day.  It was a lot of fun, but I was really tired, so I may have been a little cranky.  But....

My dear sister was driving and on I-15, a car went from one side of the freeway clear to the other side, right into the lane we were trying to merge into. 

A black mustang...classy.

Anyways, my sister saw the car and quickly veered back into our original lane just as the mustang zoomed past us. 

She honked and I was livid because we almost died.  Well, not really, but we could have.

So the mustang takes the exit and my sister tells me give them the "Friends Bird" (if you don't know what this is, google it or something, it's from the show 'Friends')

So I did.  Just as the man was looking at us and screaming, what I am sure are profanities, with a look of a mad man.  He kind of looked like that Gary Busey guy.  I didn't think he would be looking at us!  Oh well.

Way to give in to peer pressure, me! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Partial thoughts on 2011

I am glad that January and February are over.

I can't believe how fast they went. 

I love March.

I love Spring.

I want Spring to last forrrrr-evvvv--err  (say it like the kids on Sandlot.)

I need a vacation. 

Santa Barbara this summer? I think so.

Selling condo?  Lose money.

Renting condo?  No renters.

Living in a place that is small, affordable AND meets our need?  Yes, be happy where we are.

Back to school for another Masters?  Possibly.

Write a book to make a bazillion dollars?  Possible, but not likely.

Like most people?  Not on a daily basis.

Sam's club vs. Costco debate? Sam's Club ($20 membership compared to $50= no brainer)

Running on treadmill?  Yes.  12:45 improvement.

Brent firefighting job? Yes, yippee!

Hair color? Supposed to be blonde, but is now orange. WTC?  The c stands for crap in case you didn't know.

Iphone? No thanks.  Already too connected to technology. 

Weight in relationship to birds?  More like a condor than a hummingbird.

Observation by principal? Bring it on.

Baby sleeping? Ha, we have turned into robots, we don't even know what sleep is.

Oranges? Why is is so hard to find a good tasting orange?

Apples? What happened to red delicious? They should be called red disgusting.

Blogs? Too many people wishing their today's away. Too many crafty mc-craftersons.

Church? Active.

Employment? Nothing to write home about.

Piano Lessons? Teaching.

Doctors bills? Stupid insurance and deductibles.

Babies? So many being born! Love it.

Formula? Stinky.

Helmet? Gone.

And that is all I can say about 2011 so far. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011 Alaska.

The very first time I went to Alaska, I went on the hope that I would grow as a person and meet new people.  I hopped on the plane, only my 3rd or 4th time being on one, and flew to the Land of the Midnight Sun.  I trusted that the job what legit, and the people I had talked to were steering me in the right direction.  Things could have gone so wrong, but they didn't.

I arrived in Anchorage at 3 a.m. (flights come and go really late/early there sometimes...I don't really know why).  I was by myself.  I was not an experienced traveler and one of my suitcases weighed over 50 pounds.

I was supposed to call the hotel to get a pick up.  I called, they said they were on their way, and I waited.  I remember watching ALL the people who were in the airport that late at night.  I love airports for people watching.

Thirty minutes later...still no airport shuttle.  I waited.  45 minutes passed, no sign of the shuttle.  I called the hotel again only to find out that the shuttle driver had come and gone because he couldn't find me.  Agh.  They were sending him again.

30 minutes later.  Still no shuttle.  I called again and they said he was waiting outside terminal one.  Oops, I was at terminal two.  I found the shuttle and was on my way to the hotel.  The next morning I was to meet a different shuttle, 5 blocks from the hotel, to take the long trip to Denali.  By myself, with lots of luggage, I strolled 5 blocks in the morning to catch the shuttle.  So many hippies and interesting people accompanied me on that trip.  But I made it safe.

Fast forward to the 3rd summer I spent in Alaska.  This time, I was to meet a plane in Juneau that would fly me 45 minutes to the middle of nowhere.  My flight from Seattle was late, so I made it to Juneau with 3 minutes to spare before the flight left.  I ran into the airport, and some guy said "you must be the one we are waiting for!" and I said, "Yes, my plane in Seattle was broken so we had to wait.  Sorry."  This guy, never taking my name, shuffled me and my luggage (much lighter this time, three times around you realize you don't need everything you think you need) to a 6 seater plane.  No problem, I have much experience with teeny planes.  I hop in the back of the plane, the pilot hops in, and I look at the other passengers.  All men.  Me and 5 men in a plane going to the middle of Alaska.  It doesn't hit me until we are in the air, that I don't even know if I am truly on the right plane! These men could be taking me anywhere and I have no way out.  I also realize that nobody ever checked my i.d. or my ticket...I don't even think I had a ticket.  Very strange.

Anyways...I make it to a dirt runway, we land, and I get off the plane to look around.  There is nothing around but trees and dirt.  The pilot mumbles something to me about heading "that way" towards the beach to meet a boat.  Well, "that way" was through thick trees following a teeny, tiny hint of a trail.  So, off I went.  Hoping that the bears or scary men would leave me alone, but figuring I can use my rolling luggage to beat either of the two off.  Finally I see the boat and again, two men, staring by the boat waiting for me.  The taller one grabs my luggage, the shorter one helps me into the boat.  Hmmph.  Not really the talkative type, or maybe serial killers just posing as boat drivers.  Who knows?  20 minutes later, we pull up to the dock of my home for the summer.  I get out of the boat, walk up the dock and am immediately handed a 'employee jacket' to wear.  I slip it on and come bursting out of the trees with my silent boat captains.  Suddenly, I notice there are about 20 people staring at me waiting for me to pose for the group picture.  Not many words or explanations.  So I sit down on a log and smile for the camera.

Those strange travels and adventures were always just the beginning of my Alaskan crazy life.  I loved it.  I still love thinking about the people I met, the adventures I had, the dangers I avoided or survived and the realization that wherever you go in life, there are bad people and good people.  Most the time you can figure it out on your own, but other times, you have to hope that someone else is watching out for you. All three summers in Alaska were the most amazing avenues to growth, independence, knowledge and standing for what I believe.  There were many scary or eye-opening experiences, but just as many wonderful and thought provoking ones.  I think that in my whole "pre-married, pre-kid' life, Alaska is what helped define me most as a person. 

And it led me to meet my sweet husband.

Who allowed me to meet my sweet baby.

And I hope someday, she will be able to grow and learn as her mommy did...but maybe without the moose chases or the grizzly bear adventures.  :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Shopping We Will Go

I don't usually blog about awesome deals that I find on the internet, but I just can't deny my friends money saving advice!

Since September 2010, I have had free two-day shipping on Amazon.  This by itself would be blog worthy.  I have ordered 22 times since September, which before that, I maybe ordered 2 or 3 items a year from Amazon.

The cool part is, I get free shipping just because I signed up for Amazon Moms.  Which is totally free and open to grandmas, moms, dads, uncles, grandpas, whatever.  AND every time you order "baby" worthy items, your free two day shipping gets extended.  Mine is currently extended until August.  

Of course I have ordered tons of non-baby related items (hello....ALL of Christmas I ordered online), but I get the best deals on diapers.  I ordered 368 diapers (2 packages of 184) for $50.  These are pampers diapers. AND they get delivered to my house for free.  I don't have to go to the store at all.  I have bought wipes, diapers, toys, etc.  For a busy mom, you just can't beat free diaper delivery!! 

I also got a double seat jogging stroller for $12.99 from ebay.  Where do I find these deals?  

Seriously, if you want to save any money, you should look there.  It is so easy to follow, I just put it on my reader and any updates come automatically to my computer. easy. 

I know many of you already know about it, because I see that you have "liked" freebies2deals on facebook.  But as a busy, working-full-time mom who can't go to the store unless I plan weeks in advance....diaper delivery is the way to go.

P.S.  Go to her blog and it explains the diaper buying process.  The price you see on Amazon is not the price you CAN get it for, but she does a much nicer job of explaining it then I would.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Massage Day

Yesterday, at school, during lunch, I made a fool of myself.  But it really wasn't my fault. 

I had just entered the faculty lounge, tray full of food, greeting the 10 or so other teachers that were in there. 

I found a seat.  Sat down and WHAM....the chair top was broken and it flipped up, flipping me onto the ground as the rest of the seat flew backwards.  I landed on my butt/back/head/hands and it hurt.  But like any normal person, I jumped up as fast as I could and ensured the entire world that I was just fine. 

But I felt like that Shallow Hal show when the girl breaks the chair.  Even though I technically didn't break it, I just sat in an already broken chair.  But, still, sort of the same thing.

So I was very sore and very glad that I had a massage scheduled that night.  Which brings me to the subject of massages.  I love them, but I think they are sort of weird.

Naked, lying under sheets, hoping that the person massaging you isn't judging your stretch marks, blemishes, hairy legs, fat bulges, etc.  (Great picture huh? Seriously though...all those imperfections revealed to a stranger....)  Hoping that the person also has a sense of humor in case of any "wardrobe malfunctions" and also coming up with a plan to explain that I just had a baby 3 months ago...(yes, I was considering lying, in order to make me feel better about my jiggly spots.).  Also, do I help lift my leg when she lifts it up?  Do I relax and let her do all the work? many things to wonder.

At two different times, she whispered "relax" because apparently I was tensing up my arm and my leg at the wrong times.

I really love massages, but I need to find a person who does them, and ask all these questions.  The mint/rosemary aromatherapy was fantastic.  I felt very relaxed after and a little sore today.  I need to drink more water.   Anyways, I loved it.  She worked out my chair-mishap muscles.  She relaxed me enough that I actually drooled and almost fell asleep.  I slept like a baby.  Actually, better than a baby.  Babies don't really sleep that great.  I think that that statement "slept like a baby" is actually very wrong and misleading.  Kenlee does her best to sleep, but really, she is a light sleeper like me and Brent...(me and Brent is correct.  Don't judge.  It wouldn't be Brent and I, that would be wrong...FYI)

Anywhoo....Happy Presidents Day Weekend.  I hope you find stable chairs to sit on all weekend long.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today at school, I was looking over math worksheets and on one paper, where kids are supposed to write their names, instead of a name someone wrote "Unknown".

I was a little annoyed so I told the class of the situation.  I said "So as not to embarrass anyone, if you are the person who wrote unknown on your paper, sometime soon please fix it and that will be that."

I thought I knew which child was the culprit, but I was wrong.

About 30 minutes later, a girl came up to my desk and threw a folded note onto it.  I was helping another student, so I couldn't immediately read it.  A few minutes later, she came back up, grabbed the paper, and threw it on my computer then hurried away. 

I picked it up and it read "Dear Jodie, I am the one who put unknown on my paper and I am sorry."

I looked up to see her watching me.  I smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up, so she knew that everything was okay.

The rest of the day, she was very eager to help me with EVERYTHING, asking what she could do to help and asking if there was anything she could do for me.

I think we figured the situation out just fine. 

And Another overheard conversation:

D: Oh my goodness! I messed up.  Agh!
K: It's okay, nobody is perfect...well, except Jesus.
D: Jesus wasn't perfect, was he?
K: I don't know.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing HERE

Dear Dog Owners:

Ahem, I am sure those of you that own dogs are responsible dog owners.  I realize, that your dog, is part of your family.  I understand that you love your dog lots and lots and probably kind of feel like your dog is a child.  I get that.  I can respect that.

As long as you respect the fact that I do not feel the same way about your dog. 

Our neighbors have a yippy, yappy, rat-dog that barks all the time.  We have asked them to control said dog, we have written a letter to our HOA asking them to do something about it, and we have left notes when we couldn't speak with them face to face. 

Last night, their yappy yapper started barking at 2:30 a.m. waking all of us up, including Kenlee.  We got Kenlee back to sleep, but Brent and I are such light sleepers, there was no way we would be going back to bed.

What does one do in this situation?  Knock on their door at 2:30 a.m.?  Call the police? Bask in anger until 5:00 until the damn dog stops barking?  Yeah, we did the last one.  5:00 came around and the dog finally stopped.  But then guess who was up at 6:00, bright eyed and bushy tailed?  So we got about um...3 hours of sleep...maybe.

Brent went over this morning to talk to the neighbors, again, and they denied that it was their dog, again. They gave us their phone numbers to call next time it happens, and they weren't mad or anything.  They felt bad, but they also tried blaming it on someone else.  So...if they are speaking the truth...I need to do some detective work and find out who else has a yappy dog.

P.S.  I don't want to seem unkind or cruel, but we don't like dogs.  We respect that people love dogs, but we don't.  Responsible pet owners realize that not everyone thinks their dog is awesome, so don't be offended, or think we are animal haters.  If we had 30 acres of land, we would probably get a dog, because we wouldn't have to clean up fur all over our house, or tie it up in the backyard, and it would probably protect us because we would get a BIG dog.  (I think if I had all that land, I would get a Newfoundland dog...a kid in my class loves his, and it is BIG.  Maybe a lab.  I have always liked labs, but sometimes they stink.)

P.P.S.  One dog that we do like is my sister's dog Lady.  We like her because you never know she is around.  She doesn't shed, she is fixed, she never barks, and she stays away from all Kenlee's baby stuff.  She is an exception to this post. 

Thank You. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

8 Month Photo Shoot

8 Month Photo Shoot HERE

P.S.  Amber G...I added your email twice, so hopefully you can read my other blog!!  :)  Also, I used the Aquaphor stuff and I LOVE IT.  My winter skin thanks you all so much.  :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Here


We watched normal tv on Monday night.  (Couldn't find anything on netflix, so we resorted to normal tv.)

First of all, I was offended. 

I am not what I would consider a prude.  But, the shows on Monday night were awful and only about sex or sexual innuendos, which weren't really innuendos, because they were more than just applied references to sex. 

How I met Your Mother is an awful show.  I have seen maybe 3 episodes, and every one of them was about sex.  Plus, that Doogie Howser guy is not funny.  The brown headed chick from I think American Pie is not funny either. She talks like she has a mouth full of food. 

Rules of Engagement I usually laugh at, but again, totally inappropriate.  I like the big guy who does the voice of the big guy on Emperors New Groove.  But this week, it was dirty, and I didn't laugh.

Doug and Molly (or whatever it is called), has the potential to be funny.  A teacher and cop fall in love.  BUT, this Monday, was again, all about sex.  Not funny. 

Even my old favorites are getting worse.  The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and the Office.  Not really as funny as they once were, because they are getting dirtier and dirtier.  Yuck. 

I am sick of it. It's like the comedians who can only be funny if they are dirty.  That is the easiest type of 'humor'.  No creativity.  Just throw out a swear word or dirty story, and think you are funny. 

Bring back the good stuff!

On netflix, I have been watching Young Riders.  Remember that?  It came out in like 1989 and was about the Pony Express riders.  It is great to watch, because those cute boys (and the one girl pretending to be a boy) ALWAYS save the day.  Like when the barn started on fire, and The Kid's horse was in the barn, so they all had to run to the rescue to save the horse.  Or when Lou went to save her brother and sister from the mean stepdad and The Kid shot the evil step dad and then they found out Lou is a girl! 

Bring back the good stuff:  Growing Pains, Mr. Belvedere, Silver Spoons, Punky Brewster and even Cheers.  Smurfs maybe? My Little Pony? Gummy Bears.  Come on, I could go on forever about tv shows that are entertaining and aren't all about sex.

I am sick of dirty TV.  I will stick to the oldies. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Think I've Got It

While I was up late last night with knee pain and a crying baby, I had an epiphany.

I moved my entire blog to a different address.  So all my 440 posts from that one, are now archived into a new blog called ""  I know, I know.  Creative.  The new blog is private, therefore, my old posts covering the last 5 years of my life, are now private and not subject to picture thieves in Russia. 

If you were on my list of readers when I went private the first time, your permissions were moved to the new blog: (the private one). (FYI, this is all automatic and took me a matter of 5 minutes.  4.5 of those minutes were trying to decide what my archivedprivate blog should be called.)

This blog that you are reading will not be private.  But it will also not have anything in it that is too personal nor will it have too many pictures.  (I can't guarantee the picture part, but oh well.)

I will also put on this blog, when I update my other blog, so you can see those pictures and personal stories if you so desire.  (If you don't desire, no hurt feelings, I will just write my random posts on this blog and hope for the best.)

That was my epiphany. You don't have to do anything! Isn't that nice of me? :)  Just keep this blog on your google reader and when I update the other one, if it sounds interesting, click on that link.  Ta da!

If you stumble across this blog and want to be added to my private blog, so you can see my baby growing, and my family having fun, and LOTS of pictures, then leave a comment.  If I get a comment with your email I will delete it as soon as I get it so that the email thieves in Russia don't send you bad emails.

***I like Russia, I do, but they stole the picture from another blog that was then used on a billboard there.  Feel free to replace the word Russia with: Cuba, China, Mexico, England, Puerto Rico, Germany or any other country you choose.